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At work. At play  Relaxing
Hard at Work.jpg (142680 bytes) GMC Workstation.jpg (127482 bytes) After Dinner Relax.jpg (448056 bytes)
The proper way to work GMC Workstation more Relaxing

Click for the Pic.Howell Throttle Body Fuel Injection. I had been running this TBI for a few years but have now (1998) switched to a ported EFI purchased from Rance EFI.

Click for the Pic.When I first tool delivery of my toy it had a storage pod installed. After hauling junk around for a while and in an effort to improve travel in crosswinds I removed it many years ago.
However, lack of storage for spares, etc. for our '97 trip across Canada made me search for an alternative.  I found what could best be described as a ski carrier, i.e. long and narrow. It fits in the rear corner quite nicely and I believe that it has no effect on drivability in strong winds/cross winds.

Dash-01aThumb.jpg (1631 bytes)As an alternative to repairing a 20+ year old speedometer I decided to go Digital. The kit came from now defunct Clasco. The electronics came from a very much not defunct Dakota Digital. The electronics used for the GMC kit are same as '55 Chevrolet.

At work.jpg (230264 bytes)At work again with a little help.

Sunset in door.jpg (187772 bytes)Just a neat picture.



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