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Hello folks... and welcome to our Guest House.

Come one, come all... bring your GMC pictures and stories to share around the virtual campfire.

The welcome mat is out... simply drop me an email with information, notes, etc. that you'd like to share. Don't forget to attach your pictures and comments. No digital pics... no problem. Let me know in your email message and I'll give you a snail mail address to send them to.

Your hosts: Heinz and Louise Wittenbecher

Welcome Scott Nehoda.
Scott also has a page at AOL which will always have the very latest information. This is Scott's second home as some of the browsers, especially Netscape, don't seem to get along with AOL's web server.
For Scott's home on AOL, click here.

Welcome Horst H. Becker.
Horst's retirment hobby is developing and building electronic gizzmos and one of those is a
Temperature Monitor for the front hubs.

Welcome Paul Bennett.
I bought my hitch from Paul and he also sells some other GMC goodies.
Check it out


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