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September 1999 Update: added the SmarTire system

Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System

February 25th, 1999:

Received the goodies today. Nothing installed yet, but I thought I'd share some views of the components as received.

TireSentry_receiver.jpg (73844 bytes)

The receiver fits into a 2 inch cutout. When tire pressure reaches about 10% below normal a warning tone is heard and the appropriate wheel will light up on the display to indicated which tire is low.

I purchased model the TMA-10B with the coach sensors set at 60 pounds and the toad's at 32 pounds.

The system was purchased from
Fleet Specialties of Thousand Oaks, CA.
Their phone number is (818) 889-1716.

The components as received:

TireSentry_components.jpg (135628 bytes) The quarter and penny was not in the box, they are just props to give a better idea as to actual size of the components.

The yellow antenna is mounted underneath and to the rear of the coach to give reliable coverage for the toad.

TireSentry_transmitter_installed.jpg (150784 bytes) Pardon the unpolished Alcoa.
The Tire Sentry transmitter is installed in place of the valvecap. Each one contains it's own battery. The condition of the battery is continously monitored by the receiver.

TireSentry_transmitter_view.jpg (151972 bytes) As part of the final installation I plan to get a wheel balanced first, then add the sensor and get it balanced again to see if all tires will need rebalancing as part of the installation.

TireSentry_transmitter_view_from_front.jpg (150836 bytes) View from the front.

Hoping to get it installed this weekend. Come back and check out the results and the first impression once it's in service.

March 1, 1999

Didn't quite make it over the weekend, but getting closer.

Tire_Sentry_mounted.jpg (204124 bytes) The receiver is mounted under the dash on the left side.

Tire_Sentry_antenna.jpg (222612 bytes) The antenna is mounted underneath towards the rear of the coach to assure good coverage for the toad's tires.

March 3, 1999

Completed the installation today and all tested out ok. All that's left is to bend the antenna about 3 inches from the tip to give a little extra ground clearance.

June 19, 1999

Forgot to mention the cost... US$595 for Coach and Toad. 

September 1999 Update: Added SmarTire Monitoring System

While doing Alcoa shuffle I decided to add the SmarTire monitoring on the Coach's wheels. One of the differences in installation between TireSentry and SmarTire is that the latter has the monitors fastened to the inside of the rim using Stainless Straps.

Overview of SmarTire.jpg (174936 bytes)The receiver/display can be mounted anyplace convenient. Each tire's pressure and temperature is displayed for several seconds in turn. If an alarm condition is met the display locks in on that wheel and the alarm light flashes and also beeps.

The transmitter/sensor is shown on the bottom. It gets installed opposite the valve stem. The larger metal piece is the counterweight and is installed by the valve stem. The stainless steel strap is of ample length and I cut off the excess once installed.

SmarTire-01.jpg (216152 bytes)Transmitter in place before strap is trimmed.

SmarTire-02.jpg (222440 bytes)Another view of transmitter/sensor installed on rim.

SmarTire-03.jpg (201640 bytes)The counterweight is installed on the same strap and located at the valve stem.



SmarTire-04.jpg (208484 bytes)Another look of the counterweight on the shiny new Alcoas

SmarTire-05.jpg (229320 bytes)Ready for Tire mounting. The sensors/transmitters got covered up by new Michelin 10 Ply XPS's.



The company is close to home. I've planted the seed that if there is enough interest for a quantity purchase I may be bugging for preferential GMCnet pricing. Ballpark cost for 6 wheels: US$349 plus shipping, provided enough interest is generated so that Byte Designs could qualify as a dealer. If you're interested please email me.

More information? Visit the SmarTire site. Use your browsers' back button to return.

SmarTire website!

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