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Welcome to my personal corner on the Byte Designs web site!

My name is Heinz Wittenbecher. My wife's name is Louise. We live in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

Our GMC is used partly for business, partly for pleasure and when we're lucky for both at the same time.

This web corner will most likely be dedicated exclusively to GMC related escapades, both in the recently completed shop and on the road.

Acquired many moons, like over 10 years, ago with 35k on it, the GMC is a 1976 Transmode. Not sure which company actually finished it but they did a nice job.

As is the case with most GMC'ers there is a lot of Do It Yourself mechanicking going on. I hope to post some pictures soon of my latest endeavors and also the results of some of my earlier ones.

We now have about 220k miles on the coach and are still counting. Actually we only show about 20k on the odometer as at 200k I installed a digital dash and started everything off at zero.

A word of caution re pics in the Photo Album. They are digital pictures and I did not want to lessen quality, so some may take a little time to download if you're using a slower modem. If download time is too long please let me know who your ISP is and the speed of your connection to the ISP so that I can gauge whether the problem is local to your end or mine and if it's mine I may be able to do something about it.

Direct link to my Current/Last Travel page.

Please bear with me while I build/update this website in my spare (teehee) time. If you think it's neat, have questions or corrections, please drop me a note.

This web site came into being April 23, 1998.
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