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I hate mechanical breakdowns. The only thing worse than a breakdown is not being able to fix it.

In addition to duct tape, various nuts and bolts, connectors, pieces of wire , hose clamps, light bulbs, various fuses and other odds 'n ends I try not to leave home without the following:

Waterpump (recent addition)
Fan clutch
One each front and rear Bilstein shock
Ball Joint(s) and various other steering parts
Set of spark plugs
Distributor Cap
HEI Coil
Fuel filter
Fuel pump
O2 Sensor
Spare plug wires
Fan belt (regular)
Fan belt (short) to bypass AC
AC pulley, coil and clutch
Set of rear bearings
Battery relay
Jumper cables
Tire repair kit
Rad hose coupling kit

I carry a toolkit that contains various screwdrivers, clamps, vice grips and stuff. I also carry a 3/8 socket set of the small case variety, a torque wrench and sockets for wheel nuts. I also carry a large screwdriver and a small prybar.

For lifting I carry two bottle jacks, a short one and the other a little taller.

I also carry some WD40, leak detector, brake fluid, oil and filter, ATF. I carry a 2 gallon plastic can for dirty oil. Using my pre-luber pump I can do my own 5 minute oil changes anywhere. I carry the dirty oil container in the toad's trunk and I empty the used oil at next available legal oil dumpsite.

Most of the spares are stored in the far rear under the bed, well out of the way.

Rear-spares-corner.jpg (213668 bytes) 

I removed the "step" long ago as we have a full-time bed in the rear. The previous owner had a custom mattress made that reaches all the way accross and even makes allowance for the slanted sidewall on the streetside. Plywood fill the gap between seats. A storage box on wheels is used for the majority of the area which slides out easily for access.

Rear-spares-under-bed.jpg (211212 bytes)

I built a rack over the slanted area in the rear which holds the started and alternator. A parts box is under the shocks on the left. This box contains plugs, bearings, etc. The shocks are stored on a couple of shelf brackets. Two jacks travel forward of the parts box.

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