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Some notes about my particular rig, somtimes referred to as buggy, bus, moon-buggy, coach and/or motorhome.

It's been driven in the heat of the desert the cold of winter, until I smartened up. I now avoid cold and snow like the plague.

Some history of my Transmode and its evolution.
I've done quite a few 'mods' to the rig in the 10+ years and 200k+ miles that I've owned/enjoyed it. Some initial ones were done as straight improvements, others 'cause I wanted them. Here are some of my earlier ones prior to project Enhance '98.

Some good ones that I wouldn't do without:
Front and rear IPD stabilizer bars
Thorley headers
The 3.50 final drive (?) upgrade fro the Tranny.
Flex Steel captains chairs. (originals didn't recline).
3-way Fridge
Monitor that has an audible alarm if low oil, high temp, etc.
Change to Alcoa wheels
Remco side mirrors
Bilstein shocks
2x30 Amp solid state Battery Chargers (Caspro)
Modified front hubs to contain grease fittings
  (for careful greasing with wheel bearing grease)

Some 'I just wanted them':
Howell Electronic Fuel Injection -- now Rance ported EFI.
Digital dashboard
Window blinds to replace the rollups.
Fold-down couch/bed, replacing the double decker.

Some questionable ones, but still in use:
Electric fans on the radiator.
150 amp Alternator

Some that went by the wayside with time:
Oil Pre-luber -- it's now  an easy method to change oil.
  Simply could not get it to a no leak state and got tired of trying.
Oberg Oil Filter -- now back to standard Oil Filter.
  Same as above. Filter was good, associated plumbing leaky and
  filter screen got real expensive.
Steering Damper

Some items of course had to be changed as part of regular maintenance as they failed with age. Quite often we found a current something so that it also updated the coach some.

Some of the living necessity items that have been replaced over the years:
Hot Water Heater, we now have a 3-way (propane, electric, coach water).
Roof Air, it's now a Dometic with Heat Pump.

There's probably a few I've forgotten by now. I'll add 'em in as they come to mind. If you have questions about any of them I'll be glad to offer my 2 cents worth. Just dop me an email.