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I'll be commenting on my travels here. Hopefully during, rather than after. Not sure if it'll be of interest but we'll give it a shot. If you have comments, good or bad, please email them to me at

Of course you can also comment via the GMCnet. Not a subscriber? Why not? Click here to find out more about the GMCnet mailling list.

I hope that updating of this page will occur frequently when away from home, but it does depend on internet access availability, time and personal inclination. If you're interested, come back often/occasionally as may be desirable. I'll try to at least keep the current information up to date so that you may be able to judge when to visit next.

Current information:

Date: May 29th, 2000
Current location: Sacramento, CA
Status: stationary
(Estimated Date of Departure): unknown
Next stop: unknown

The Current/Last Trip

The above link will always point to the current trip. Other trips can be navigated via the links on the left edge.

GMC Tidbits will contain topical one pagers.

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