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Currently (04/26/04) at: Sacramento, CA

Sofar it's been an excellent trip, i.e. textbook. Textbook meaning add gas and occasional oil and keep on going. I hope I'm not jinxing the rest of the trip.

Every trip south on I-5 requires a mandatory stop at what I call the candy store To me this stop entails Fry's in Wilsonville, Oregon and also Camping World just accross the freeway from Fry's.

Saves on taxes, I say to myself :-)
At least that way I'm not paying tax on tax when I take the stuff home accross the border where they now collect provincial (state) as well as federal taxes.

One of my Apple Studio monitors bit the dust a while back so I was in the market for a replacement. This is what I found/did:

New-cockpit-addition-Sony-N50.jpg (133540 bytes)The Sony N50. Very visible, even in sunlight and with sunglasses on. Much less room required than the Apple Studio did. It even has speakers built in to the base and provisions for 2 video inputs (2 computers). Sony did it again. ($1499).

The-business-corner-Sony-N50.jpg (128537 bytes)A little closer view.

Sony-N50-LCD-Screen.jpg (140161 bytes)The normal view. To the left is the display of the AV10 engine monitor and the I usually run 2 maps as I have not yet found one that has it all. This particular time it's Street Atlas 7 and Microsoft Streets & Trips 2001, which finally supports GPS.


It's been a while since I've gone by Shasta during daylight hours so I couldn't resists.

Mt-Shasta-01.jpg (136554 bytes)      Mt-Shasta-02.jpg (132642 bytes)


Semi relaxing in SAC... waiting for the niteshift to start.




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