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More pics February 22, 1999

Some of the folks have asked for pics from the Pit. Here are some rushed ones. More to come. When the Rig gets moved I'll do the back half not that there's that much back there.

Why do I have to move it? I was trying to economize ( I guess ) so I only built the pit 16 feet long. Should'a gone full length. Oh well.

Enjoy! As to what you see... put your imagination to the test. If you have specific questions please email me.

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Bottom-1.jpg (243472 bytes) Pit-1

Bottom-2.jpg (230320 bytes) Pit-2

Bottom-3.jpg (225192 bytes) Pit-3

Bottom-4.jpg (225756 bytes) Pit-4

Bottom-5.jpg (216936 bytes) Pit-5

Bottom-6.jpg (232220 bytes) Pit-6

Bottom-7.jpg (190944 bytes) Pit-7

Vaccum-Bottom.jpg (239000 bytes) Bottom view of electric vaccum pump.

Vaccumpump.jpg (40584 bytes) Frontview of vaccum pump. The pump is installed below the horn underneath the floor. Fits nicely.

February 22, 1999

Added some more pics from the pit today as I had to move the rig to get the back half over the pit area to do the macerator outlet hose modifications.

Before diving into the pit... here is why I recommend a pit longer than 16 feet if at all possible:

GMC-garage-sticking -out.jpg (228064 bytes)The original thought during construction was that it woukd not be a hassle to turn the coach around as needed. As it turned out it's more of a hassle in real life.
I have to navigate into the garage via my regular driveway in front of the house. Didn't want to cut any trees to get a straight shot in from the street. It's real easy to back it in but sure takes some wiggling around to get back out when nosing it in. Hence the partially out when the weather is nice.

Bottom-8.jpg (156008 bytes) Pit-8

Bottom-9.jpg (192336 bytes) The white pipe is the PVC used as hose storage for the macerator pump-out.

Bottom-a.jpg (184960 bytes) IPD stabilizer bars going across.

Bottom-b.jpg (182072 bytes) Pit-11

Bottom-c.jpg (189608 bytes) Pit-12

Bottom-d.jpg (192740 bytes) Pit-13

Bottom-e.jpg (198944 bytes) Pit-14

Bottom-Fuel-filter.jpg (180612 bytes) My fuel filter installation. Did the first change this maintenance go-around and did find some metal shavings in it. Not many, but enough to make me glad I added it when I did the Rance Fuel Injection mod.

Bottom-Fuel-Valve.jpg (177700 bytes) A close-up of the electric fuel selector valve.


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