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AV-10 Engine Monitor with Voice Alert

The AV-10 will monitor Exhaust Gas Temperature for each cylinder in addition to voltage, oil temperature and pressure, engine temperature, engine rpm, vacuum, and speed.

And there's room for a couple of more sensors.

It also has an output for a PC so that all monitoring can be captured and analyzed.

When limits are exceeded a Voice Alert will draw immediate attention to the problem.

While on the surface it may appear a toy, with 20/20 hindsight firmly in place I would've definitely saved a blown head gaskets when I was still a GMC newbie. It would've more than paid for the AV-10. However... when I was a GMC newbie the technology didn't exist yet so I don't feel too bad about the blown head gasket way back then.

AV10.jpg (75148 bytes)

Av10-overview.jpg (218132 bytes)

The AV-10's temporary home is on top of the dash with the help of good 'ol Velcro. Eventually it will live on the left side of the dash in the window corner, once it has replaced a few gauges that are currently living there.

February 15, 1999:

Received the package from Audio Flight Avionics via UPS and dug right into it. To install the Exhaust Gas Temperature sensors the Thorley headers were removed and 3/16" holes drilled in the appropriate placed on each pipe 1 1/2" from the flange.

EGTprobe.jpg (167316 bytes) A close-up of the EGT probe.

Thorley-egt-front.jpg (134708 bytes) All the probes installed.

Thorley-egt-rear.jpg (176948 bytes) On the drivers side the probes were installed on top, on the passengerside on the bottom. The reason for choosing these different locations was to assure the tip of each probe was in a similar location in each exhaust.

Thorley-egt-rear2.jpg (148380 bytes) Just another view of the same :-)

All sensors terminate in a relatively small "Sensor Interface Box". A single DB25 cable connects the SIB and the "Head". I'm not sure where the SIB is going to get mounted yet. At the moment it's on the incline ahead of the engine access opening... but final decision is on tomorrows agenda.

February 18, 1999

She talked to me today. Yes, it's a she :-)

The SIB did end up on the incline as planned. Routing the wiring down and around beat up the arms a bunch while reaching in past the Power Steering booster. Oh well, the arms will heal.

I did start the rig up to get a taste. Nothing conclusive but it shows promise when it comes to monitoring engine health as time goes by.

Sunday the 21st:

Got the testrun in today. Unfortunately have some debugging to do. Some of the alarms ain't alarming and speed and tach are not working. Hopefully something simple.

Monday update: Simple indeed. Only had to reverse the tach input to get the tach working and as the tach triggers engine is running to the AV-10 all the engine associated alarms now work too as it's smart enough to only alarm with engine running.

It's going to be a great addition to the buggy. All sensor are monitored every few seconds. When limits are reached a voice (female) annunciates the offender. I'll be adding a panel lamps  well so that the voice cannot be overlooked when the radio is blaring [g].

Todays trip was also first outing with freshly installed Ragusa step. Love it!

Monday, February 22nd:

The AV-10 Engine Monitor now has a name. Her name is Kate, named after the Toronto newsperson that provided the voice for the AV-10. Yes, the AV-10 uses a real voice.

Kate is real friendly, displaying this personal startup message on powerup.

Av10-startup.jpg (108896 bytes)

(Click on thumbnail for enlarged picture)

The installation is still a work in progress, but it's getting closer. The Serial Interface Box got mounted on the incline just ahead of the engine opening.

AV10-serial-interface-box.jpg (234584 bytes)It's still kinda' messy but getting there. All sensor connection come into this box (SIB). from here a regular DB25 computer cable is used to connect the gauge which houses the smarts of the the AV-10 which we will now affectionately refer to as Silicon Kate or SK for short.

The terminal blocks used in the SIB are excellent and facilitate being able to make all the connections in a relatively small space. Definately aviation quality.

AV10-on-top.jpg (209676 bytes)While still a work in progress the monitor is held in its temprary place by velcro.

Kate's ultimate home will be just below the glareshield in the top right corner. I'm hoping to be able to fabricate a mount out of plexiglass which will be velcro'd to the side. Cheech... what would we do without Velcro... have more holes in our rigs I guess.

I hope to have it operational by the end of this week... well, maybe next week [g]. Will be updating this page as progress is made... when its made.

Cheers... and happy GMCing.

Sunday, February 28, 1999

Well, I didn't quite make the hoped-for timetable. In part due to having to order a different type of VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor). I've also added a few more items such as a current sensor to monitor the alternator:

Current_Sensor.jpg (225588 bytes)
Current is measured electronically. I'm only measuring alternator current as a start. The sensor is mounted on the firewall.

 Current_Sensor_covered.jpg (208608 bytes)

To give a little extra protection against possible moisture splashing was devised using a rubber mat


I also added three temperature probes on the block itself. One at the thermostat housing and one each on left and right side of the intake manifold.

Have wired the unit to run off either the engine or coach battery so that I can monitor either voltage and therby get an alert as the battery in use gets low.

Fingers crossed that the VSS will arrive tomorrow... and be the right one ;-)

March 1, 1999

Speed Sensor arrived today as promised. Installed, but not driven yet to confirm it's the right piece for the AV-10, but sure looks like it is. Sidetracked with Tire Sentry installation.

March 4, 1999

Went for an extensive testride today and all is well, including speed indication. Almost cleaned up enough for some new pictures... on the weekend probably.

Taking another little sidetrack by adding a Variable Injector Controller to the Rance EFI. It'll allow individual injector fuel control.

May 1999

For comments on the first trip of 8 weeks click here.

The AV-10 was purchased from Audio Flight Avionics in Ontario, Canada.
Phone number: Toll Free 1-800-737-9185 (USA & CAN)
Local (416) 698-6928
Fax (416) 693-1638
E-mail: info@afavionics.com
Internet Web-site: http://www.afavionics.com

(Feb 18-44, 21-62, 22-71, 28-123, Mar 1-126, 3-140, 4-149, 5/07-410, 6/03-520)

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