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Gemco Hitch (flush mount) went in without a hitch :-)
Very good fit.

Hitch-Flyer3.jpg (28163 bytes)The hitch was obtained from Paul Z. Bennett, 2400  Blossom St., Columbia SC 29205, Phone: 803-799-4323. Email: bennettpz@aol.com.

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Caution: Patience required.


Coach --> Toad wiring:
I found all the required wires inside the left rear corner of the coach. The coach has an access plate on the inside, behind the tail lights. There was enough slack in the wiring to pull it out enough to splice into with the quick connectors.

Yellow: left signal/stop light
Dark Green: right signal/stop light
Brown: tail lights


The finished (???) product:

Mazda-ready.jpg (108465 bytes)The towing system consists of the P&E Tow-me RV mounted towbar and the Safe-tow braking system.



Hitch-off.jpg (73141 bytes)The bicycle flag is a personal modification to hole the brakeline off the ground and to minimize the bend at the hitch connection point.

Mazda-tow.jpg (104060 bytes)




A closeup of the brake system.

Safe-brake.jpg (103810 bytes)The push-on fitting is a solid fitting. Brakefluid is retained and no bleeding is necessary after the initial bleed at installation.

Safe-brake-connect.jpg (107645 bytes)Brake actuation as the pushing toad activates the piston.

Safe-brake-spring.jpg (102356 bytes)The brakehose from the towbar (safety-tow) connects to a tee that was installed along with a valve. When towing the valve is closed as brake pressure is coming via the towbar. When driving, the hose is disconnected and with the valve open brakes are normal. The towbar brake is installed on one half of the dual brake system so even if you forget to turn the valve back on (shame, shame) you have braking on the toad, though reduced.

Mazda-Brake-tee.jpg (86168 bytes)I did not cut the original brakeline, keeping it in case I ever need to restore the toad to original. Using a newly formed brakeline allowed better positioning for the tee/hose connection.


Brake-tee-closeup.jpg (59828 bytes)Sure seems like a lot of rigamaroo to do each time you hook up but I guess I'll get better (faster) as I gain experience with it.

TowBar-close.jpg (107787 bytes)




And when not towing.... all gone.

Rear-Hitch-closeup.jpg (43312 bytes)I don't know if I made the right choice with my tow/brake system as I have nothing to compare it to.
I guess time (and some miles) will tell.


October '98 update: Yes, I made a good choice.

Paul also has some other stuff for us GMCers.

Jack Pad.jpg (427000 bytes)Jack Pad Bracket

and Air Bag Lifters Air Bag Lifters.jpg (360448 bytes)




Jackpads.jpg (123768 bytes)



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I made some modifications via grinder to make the Jack Pad fit for the four bagger system.

Easy Jacking 01.jpg (218012 bytes) Modified Jack Pad in use.

 Easy Jacking 02.jpg (241312 bytes)

Wrapped in foil tape is a spacer so that there is no contact with the four bagger system at all.



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