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What I refer to as Enhance '98 started when the buggy swallowed and spit out an exhaust valve. Being reasonably close to home at the beginning of a trip and not knowing what it was exactly at the time, I limped it home.

Pulled both heads and had them redone and at the same time had the cross-over ports welded shut. As the piston was not visibly damaged, other than on top by the wayward exhaust valve we did not change it. Might turn out to be a mistake, but I didn't want to pull the motor unless absolutely necessary.

I've been running the Howell Throttle Body Fuel injection for some time. Ran across Rance Fuel Injection on the web and after talking with Rance decided to install the ported fuel injection.

Thorley Headers were rusting out and had to be replaced as well. Rusting out was probably due to wrapping them. Listening to 'experts' caused them to be wrapped when the first fuel injection was installed. Warranty void when wrapped, which I wasn't told when they were first installed shortly after we got the rig many moons ago.

Being stranded somewhat helplessly when the exhaust valve went I started to think about towing a Toad.... so on we went with the hitch project, which required rerouting of sewer outlet. As I was looking for something better than hauling 3" hoses around I decided to change to a Macerator pump system.

Click for the big pic. Home Sweet Home:

Click for the Pic. Digital Dash. Love it.

Click for the Pic. New Hatch Cover with raised center to make room for the Offenhauser Intake Manifold and Rance Fuel Injection.