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ProLite Suite

In April I finally placed an order for a ProLite Suite DeLuxe trailer from Roulottes Prolite Inc to tow with a Hyundai Santa Fe CUV.

Hopefully this will make getting to and fro more reliable. While the GMC never abandoned us in our travels, it quite regularly delayed us while we made en-route repairs.

The size of the ProLite Suite is a bit of a gamble, but hopefully a gamble I calculated correctly. I stripped away all unnecessary space, like standup headroom. Toilet facilities will be missed, but only time will tell how much. Hopefully we’ll be able come up with an acceptable alternative for emergencies.

Since the Suite is a relatively new model and the Suite Deluxe even more so not too much  information was available. Seems local dealers didn’t have enough faith to stock a Suite I decided to go direct to the manufacturer.

Building has started.

Image Image 2 Image 3 Image 1
Build in progress 100_3460 100_3457 100_3438

View of the finished rear of the Suite Deluxe:






The Dometic Awning in use:
IMG_0606 IMG_0612 IMG_0824


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  1. Hi Dave, we bought a used prolite mini and found that the dealer did not have the frame for the awning, were you successful in getting a new dometic bag awning ?

  2. Have you contacted the Prolite Parts Department? Another source may be Dometic directly? Sorry, that’s all I got. Good Luck.

  3. Hi there,I have a 2016 Prolite Mini and cannot acquire a replacement Dometic bag awning.The dealer parts department is not dealing with the request.Where do I get parts in Canada for Prolite trailers,if not from inept dealers?I like the trailer but didn’t realize parts would be an issue.

  4. We have a 2018 Plus S Prolite, seems to leak around the rear window, it has mould , is it possible to remove and remediate mold and then reinstall the window ourselves

    1. I have not tried a window removal/replace myself so I can’t comment how tough/easy it might be. That said however, many folks have done it. Depends a bit on your take on DIY stuffs.
      If you have mold it is most important to dry it out to get rid of that and window removal may be necessary. I found this on YouTube, How to Reseal & Replace RV Windows. There are many others. Get yourself comfortable and have at it. Have fun while you’re at it. I have used Butyl to seal windows on a prior RV I had, but without removal. I’ve also used a GE compound that “flows” into cracks to seal. Be sure to get that mold out though if visible. If just wet you may be able to dry using portable heater, etc. Good luck and enjoy.

  5. I purchased a 2018 Prolite Mini 13 last January and have had leaks in the back window. I returned the trailer for repairs three times. Last time, they thought it was the back upper running light – they repaired that and there have been no leaks since May, 2018, but now it is fall on the west coast and I noticed that the back window is leaking again today. I wish I had never purchased this trailer!!!

    1. Don’t despair 🙂
      Mine leaked too at first. I think most dealers try but unless it’s something obvious they usually don’t have the time to spend on it.
      Pick a nice day and do some aggressive trouble shooting with a garden hose. You may be able to narrow it down to trim or window itself.
      Tape certain areas off and narrow it down. Once you have the area there are several good sealants available. The one I used often is a glass sealer that flows into the tiny crevasses, etc.
      My leak was ultimately where the lead for solar panel came through the roof. Was extremely hard to find but eventually I did.
      Good luck. Keep us posted.

  6. We used a normal height PortaPotty. We built a base from towel material for it to sit on and to make it easy to slide out of the way when not in use. Worked extremely well.

  7. Is it possible to install a toilet in the unit?

  8. Sorry for the long delay in answering. You probably bought already.
    I can’t really answer to longevity or resale in 5 years but as far as construction goes I think it is well constructed and has the potential to be very durable. The roof is one piece on mine and while there could be leaks in the joints/edges it should be say to repair with silicone, should it happen.
    Personally I don’t like the looks of an all fibreglass shell. Looks cold to me. I suspect it would be a bit heavier too. Whatever your decision was, good luck with it.

    1. Hello, we too purchased a pro lite suite last June. We did only use it approx 3 times last year but can’t wait for 2018. We do love our itty bitty trailer though. my question to you is do you know anything regarding the battery? I know mine is currently dead after sitting outside all winter. We had heard that we should remove the battery however were never told this from the show room not were we told how to remove it. We did try quite a few time to remove the battery but couldn’t quite figure out how to do so.

      1. Hi Carol,
        I changed my battery setup shortly after I got it so I’m going a bit by memory. If I remember correctly the battery is on the right side under the bed. The battery is enclosed in a sealed battery holder, vented down to the outside.
        The top cover is removable, exposing the battery terminals. A bit of a tight squeeze to remove the battery so you might have to use battery clamp to make it easier. Let me know if you need additional info.

  9. We are about to purchase a Prolite Mini 13 and I want to be sure we are making the right decision. I have read on a few sites that the Prolight construction is les durable than an all fibreglass moulded trailer like a casita. There were comments that led me to believe that we could have leaks or cracks and rot in the wood in our future. How durable is the unit? Will we have leak repairs in our future? What is the expected useful lifetime of this trailer? We love everything about it and of course, being brand new, it seems perfect now, but I’m interested in what it will look like 5 years from now. Is there anything we can do to prolong and protect it over winters? What is the resale value on a used unit? Thanks for your help!

  10. The awning is 80″ x 80″. Not too bad to put up by one person but of course easier with a helper. Assembling the front bar currently uses 2 nuts and bolts. I’m going to devise a pin of sorts to make it even easier.
    The awning is a Trim Line Case Awning manufactured by Dometic. I’ll add some images.

    I don’t know of any dealers in the US but don’t put any weight into that. At the end I ordered direct from factory and drove to Quebec to pick it up.

  11. Thank you for your reply to my earlier questions. Do you have any photos of your Prolite Suite with its awning up and extended out? What is its size (sq. ft.)? Can one person put it up and down without too much difficulty? I’m waiting for a reply to my question: Are there any dealerships in the US? So far, HW Motorhomes, out of Canton, MI is the only one I’ve found. Thanks again for your response to the above.

    Paul M.

  12. Paul,
    Actual interior height is 4′ 71/2″. For current pricing please drop an email to Claude at as I also added brakes and solar panels. I calculated it at $10k but my wife always chimes in with closer to 13k. We use different math it seems with hers including taxes, etc.
    The DeLuxe included the rear cabinetry and sink. I believe this is now available as an option to the standard Suite. The Deluxe included the TV and Stereo, all running on 12 Volts. The main reason I opted for the Deluxe versus adding cabinetry and electronics later was the rear window position. In the Deluxe it is offset so as to not be covered by the TV. In addition I believe the running gear has a bit more capacity, I.e. GVW is a bit higher.
    The interior height is only slightly inconvenient but of course much more convenient than a regular TearDrop. After spending 2 weeks+ in it this summer with only one night in a motel due to extreme heat I’m looking forward to our next trip.


  13. I’m interested learning more about the Prolite Suite. What is included in the Deluxe version? What is the extra cost to have this version? Is the interior height truly 4′-4″? If not, what is the true interior height? Your reply and comments are much appreciated. Thank you…

    Paul M.

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