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Add water level gauge(s)

 My first attempt was to simply get a warning that Fresh Water was getting low. I accomplished that with a sensor from Amazon and a light.

Amazon: Low fresh water alarm

Wasn’t happy with just a warning so a full blown float sensor and gauge was the new solution. That meant finding a sending unit and a receiver/gauge for display. As is usually the case my first choice(s) usually don’t provide the desired results so with each project I usually add to my white elephant box. In the end it was all with it.

The sending unit:











End result:








The right switch wasn’t in use on mine. I used that as an on/ff for the water gauge light.








Got both at

Fuel/Water Level Sensor

Waterproof Marine Water Level Gauge

The filler pipe in top left of picture is my addition to add a filler on the left side of the Ascape.


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