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Engel Fridge


I replaced my KoolaTron with this Engel MR040 AC/DC Fridge/Freezer.

Did some testing re power draw, noise, etc. before I committed to dedicated wiring.

I ultimately added dedicated 12 Volt line(s) from trailer and vehicle battery to power the Engel as efficiently as possible. Vehicle battery has priority when engine is running.

I also buried a 110 Volt setup for when AC is available.

The Engel will live in the back of the Santa Fe. We found that to be the best place for access during camping, based on how we ended up using the KoolaTron during our 2 week trip last summer.


I added a low voltage protect at the fridge end so that battery and fridge are protected.




























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  1. One downside of the SantaFe. Guess to make it lighter they skimped on size of fuel tank so for me it’s fuel-up every 3-400 miles. Not all bad since by then one needs a break anyways.

  2. 2014 jetta diesel. still get about 700km to a tank with the trailer, depending on terrain.

  3. stock suite battery set up, 12 volt battery. I have a generator to re charge, or from vehicle when driving. koolatron lasts just about 24 hours, and draws 3 times as much. So hopefully Engel would go three days. Sound about right? I am not an electrical guru.

    1. I think sounds about right. Don’t deplete the battery too much as that will wreck it quickly. You might want to get one of the gadgets that plugs in to cigar lighter that shows condition of battery.

      One consideration of mine was to carry an emergency starting pack, the completely self-contained gizmo from Canadian Tire but then I decided to go to the 2x6Volt for extra amp hours.

      Which Engel are you considering?

      1. Same one, MR040, based on price, performance, and size, seems the best fit. If it can run for three days, I ran run the Gen every two days if we didn’t do any driving that day. Surprised at how useless the Koola tron was. The fact the Engel can maintain freezing temperatures is very appealing.

        1. Ditto re KoolaTron. We used ice to supplement, which got to be a real nuisance so I knew after the first trip that something had to be done.

          What are you towing with?

  4. You mean just the battery, without any method of charging?
    Of course that would depend on battery capacity, etc.

    With my setup I think I could go indefinitely using only solar to feed batteries.

    I can tell you that a draw of approx 2.3 amps when running is correct. Actual running time would depend on how loaded and how often it’s opened.

    I bought mine at Steveston Marine in Vancouver. Am happy with the choice but of course it hasn’t had a “live” test yet. Hope to get out later this month for a week or so.

  5. I have been looking at Engel products. Excellent Reviews online, seem to be top of the line. How long do you think your Engel would run at regular fridge temperature on a 12 volt car battery, at normal ambient temps. where did you pick yours up from. Seems West Marine is the biggest dealer in BC. hopefully worth to huge price tag.

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