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Alternate to actual travels.

Not getting any travelling in this year due to risk and actual wild fires in BC. Does not make for relaxed travel so we’re skipping a year. Hopefully only one. Will be re-visiting my mods/tweaks made over the years. Will be doing this in spits & spurts as the camping bug rears up.

Summary of My Ascape Tweaks

I’ll keep this one at the top and will try to keep it updated with summaries of my tweaks. Filling in descriptions is done on a time available basis. Come back occasionally if my babbling is of interest to you. Shortcuts to my tweaks: 12 Volt External Outlet Front Wall Tire Monitor Early on I […]

A bit off topic… Boiler replacement !!!

UPDATED: Added NaviLink WiFi connect. Also added a Whole House Water Monitoring/Shut-off. Last week-or-so-ago the Nest Protect woke me up with a few beeps and the announcement “Carbon Monoxide in Laundry Room, very loud alarm may sound”. Laundry room houses our Boiler and Hot Water tank in a “closet”, both on Natural Gas. I shut […]

Using Ioniq 5 as Tow Vehicle

I’ve added the Hyundai hitch setup for my Ioniq 5 and am now good to tow, sort of. The big concern is reduced range. Not like a gasoline powered car that can fill up almost anywhere. Charging stations are still far and few between. The problem is not that of finding a station but that […]

Spare Wheel for Hyundai Kona EV

As the Kona EV was my first vehicle that didn’t come with a spare I have been watching the spare tire threads in forums while pondering what to do. I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and go with the Modern Spare solution. I went with the kit that included jack, etc. I did have […]

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