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Miscellaneous Tweaks

Added 12 Volt and 110 Volt extensions for Fridge.


The Engel portable fridge will live in the tow vehicle while camping. It will draw power from vehicle battery when engine is running and from trailer battery when not.

A low voltage cut-out will protect the fridge if  voltage drops below 11 Volts. Everything is buried behind the rear seat.

I also put a 110 Volt extension in place so that the fridge can be run on 110 when hydro power is available.

Replaced the forward support in storage area under the seat/bed.
As Delivered Center support replaced with 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 aluminum.

Access from cabin much easier now.

Replacement of the one center support will make access via the cabin access much easier.

Added an Exit Handle.

Exit Assist

Getting in and out was a bit of a challenge because the door is quite small, but big enough.

We use a portable step to make entry and exit easier. Adding the Exit Assist Handle should make for additional peace of mind.

To make room for the handle the fire extinguisher was moved down a bit.



Changed fixed table supports to hinged supports

The table can be used inside or on the outside.

IMG_0441 IMG_0440

The supports are needed when the table is used outside but were in the way when used inside. I was unable to turn the table top for laptop use. I change the fixed attachment to hinges and some Velcro and hopefully it will now work as desired.

We never used the table once during our 2 week summer trip.
As a result the table will no longer take up space during future travels.

Modified/Enhanced Door Sill

I was always a bit apprehensive about the sharp edge of the original door sill. I added a wooden extension and the sill is now 2 inches wide and much more comfortable during exit and entry.

DoorEntry DoorExit


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  1. The TV was mounted as part of the build. They added extra meat (wood) to facilitate mounting. If I had to do it from scratch I would use a reasonably large mount so as to distribute strain and then use a combination of glue and screws. I would explorer to see if plaster screws could be used. They have a good bite. I would also use glue on the screws to give a better chance of staying put. I would also travel with TV close to wall so that there is no strain on any arm and use some kind of bungee cord to keep it from swinging out.

    For things that are not critical I use the 3M fasteners. If your walls are double, I.e. wood/foam/wood or similar the butterfly fasteners used in plasterboard should work nicely, unless you’re mounting a 40 inch’er.

  2. looks good everything you have done. how have you attached items to the interior walls? screws and glue? I want to mount a tv, but am worried it will fall off bouncing down the highway

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