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Month: June 2013

A few more Tweaks

Did an overnight trip to see what else needs to be done before going on a more lengthy trip. One shortcoming was storage for personal effects. A suitcase in the under-bed storage just didn’t cut it for regular use. The other shortcoming identified was that for making a quick pot of coffee or quick lunch, […]

What did we do on mySuite this week?

More ‘putzin around to personalize mySuite. Added Barrel Bolts to hold the daytime seat-back in place better. As one leaned back the bottom would move out. The bolts will also help to keep the seat-back in place during travel. It had a tendency to wander a bit.           Daytime/Travel mode, without […]

Added safety pin to Emergency Exit

During my intro session when I picked up the Suite I was forewarned about opening the window too far. It’s one of those necessary compromises I guess. Has to be easy to open as an Emergency Exit yet serve as a window during normal times. Opening it too far put’s it into emergency mode, breaking […]

Perfect fit over the GMC’s Pit

The ol’ pit came in handy today as I started to work on installing my Grey Water tank. The tank will fit under the trailer just ahead of the fresh water tank. I was haping to add a Tee to the sink outlet but short of manufacturing one there was none to be had. Implementing […]

What got done today

Finished up the Digital TV Antenna install. Intentionally just a fixed mode. If turning of antenna is desperately needed we’ll turn the whole trailer. It’s part of meeting my No Setup Required specification. If no reception we’ll resort to DVD’s. Also did some tweaking on the table that can be mounted inside and out. The […]

What got done this weekend.

Reshuffled a 12 Volt power outlet that was tied into the water pump switch. Not sure what the thinking was to have it only powered up when the demand water pump has power. Rewired it so that it has power all the time and added a new 12 Volt branch circuit with a master switch. […]

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