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ProLite Suite

In April I finally placed an order for a ProLite Suite DeLuxe trailer from Roulottes Prolite Inc to tow with a Hyundai Santa Fe CUV.

Hopefully this will make getting to and fro more reliable. While the GMC never abandoned us in our travels, it quite regularly delayed us while we made en-route repairs.

The size of the ProLite Suite is a bit of a gamble, but hopefully a gamble I calculated correctly. I stripped away all unnecessary space, like standup headroom. Toilet facilities will be missed, but only time will tell how much. Hopefully we’ll be able come up with an acceptable alternative for emergencies.

Since the Suite is a relatively new model and the Suite Deluxe even more so not too much  information was available. Seems local dealers didn’t have enough faith to stock a Suite I decided to go direct to the manufacturer.

Building has started.

Image Image 2 Image 3 Image 1
Build in progress 100_3460 100_3457 100_3438

View of the finished rear of the Suite Deluxe:






The Dometic Awning in use:
IMG_0606 IMG_0612 IMG_0824


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  1. I’m interested learning more about the Prolite Suite. What is included in the Deluxe version? What is the extra cost to have this version? Is the interior height truly 4′-4″? If not, what is the true interior height? Your reply and comments are much appreciated. Thank you…

    Paul M.

  2. Paul,
    Actual interior height is 4′ 71/2″. For current pricing please drop an email to Claude at as I also added brakes and solar panels. I calculated it at $10k but my wife always chimes in with closer to 13k. We use different math it seems with hers including taxes, etc.
    The DeLuxe included the rear cabinetry and sink. I believe this is now available as an option to the standard Suite. The Deluxe included the TV and Stereo, all running on 12 Volts. The main reason I opted for the Deluxe versus adding cabinetry and electronics later was the rear window position. In the Deluxe it is offset so as to not be covered by the TV. In addition I believe the running gear has a bit more capacity, I.e. GVW is a bit higher.
    The interior height is only slightly inconvenient but of course much more convenient than a regular TearDrop. After spending 2 weeks+ in it this summer with only one night in a motel due to extreme heat I’m looking forward to our next trip.


  3. Thank you for your reply to my earlier questions. Do you have any photos of your Prolite Suite with its awning up and extended out? What is its size (sq. ft.)? Can one person put it up and down without too much difficulty? I’m waiting for a reply to my question: Are there any dealerships in the US? So far, HW Motorhomes, out of Canton, MI is the only one I’ve found. Thanks again for your response to the above.

    Paul M.

  4. The awning is 80″ x 80″. Not too bad to put up by one person but of course easier with a helper. Assembling the front bar currently uses 2 nuts and bolts. I’m going to devise a pin of sorts to make it even easier.
    The awning is a Trim Line Case Awning manufactured by Dometic. I’ll add some images.

    I don’t know of any dealers in the US but don’t put any weight into that. At the end I ordered direct from factory and drove to Quebec to pick it up.

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