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A few more Tweaks

Did an overnight trip to see what else needs to be done before going on a more lengthy trip. One shortcoming was storage for personal effects. A suitcase in the under-bed storage just didn’t cut it for regular use. The other shortcoming identified was that for making a quick pot of coffee or quick lunch, setting up the camp stove was a nuisance so lunch was eaten cold and coffee was skipped.

I thought about a drawer on a slider in the storage compartment for the camp stove but later decided on a 36×19 inch drawer to slide into the living area. This will replace the suitcase as a storage media for clothes, etc.

Storage Drawer


The drawer will be mounted on sliders.

The trip proved that my TV Antenna mount was not sufficient for the constant vibration.

While the mast stayed in place as hoped, the actual antenna did not stay horizontal.

Changed to an angle mount to replace the plastic mounting arrangement that came with the antenna. Hopefully all good now.

The other thing I accomplished was to change the door lock to a keyless one. I found a kit at RVLOCK. Had to make some adjustments to the door strike area but other than that installation was pretty easy. Did have some issues with batteries not re-installed correctly after testing before shipping but once RVLOCK support was contacted it all came together nicely.

Keyless with FOB

Keyless using numeric pad.









Another thing I found that I had to address was the fresh water tank. This was the first time I had a new tank to contend with and when I first used it, it was awful tasting. Have loaded it up with baking soda and am shaking it around every few days in the hope that this will be sufficient to condition the tank.

The holding tank was a nice convenience. It was a good addition.

Updated: June 29, 2013 — 9:55 PM

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