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Using Ioniq 5 as Tow Vehicle

I’ve added the Hyundai hitch setup for my Ioniq 5 and am now good to tow, sort of. The big concern is reduced range. Not like a gasoline powered car that can fill up almost anywhere. Charging stations are still far and few between. The problem is not that of finding a station but that it may be occupied or that is broken. A bit of a crap-shoot. Add to that the access, which is not suited for towing a trailer as most are drive-in, not drive through. Means that quite often the trailer will have to be unhooked.

While my Ascape is reasonably aerodynamic on the front, not so on the back. I’ll be trying some Airtags to help reduce drag caused by the square backside.

Towing specs for North America are 2000 lbs with brakes with 220 lbs on hitch. In comparison, in Europe the maximum with brakes is 3527 lbs but tongue weight stays at 220 lbs.


Started out with Hyundai hitch and wiring harness. Converted 4-pin to 7-pin electrical. I use a wireless brake controller so that part was pretty easy. I like the European receiver style and was happy to find one with 2 inch ball and the correct rise.














Updated: April 18, 2022 — 5:42 PM

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