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Quebec seems to be a Leader in Small Trailer innovations

Perhaps unique would be a better word, but nevertheless, two of the trailers I found during my search that are somewhat unique and exciting are built in Quebec. The first of such trailers that I came across was the Safari Condo Alto. It is extremely compact and its roof is indeed unique.


I was lucky and found an owner nearby that gave me a tour. While it was a very nice trailer, it was bigger than what I was looking for. It sure is a neat trailer, but not for me.

Eventually I came across the ProLite Suite as my trailer.

One comment I heard often is that these Quebec trailers were expensive. I found the contrary. They are quite competitively priced once one gets down to comparing apples to apples. Innovation and quality costs money, whether Oregon, Florida, Texas, Minnesota or Quebec.

The pain on the wallet goes away or at least gets more tolerable with quality delivered as advertised. I expect nothing less from my new Suite and fully expect not to be disappointed.

Updated: May 30, 2013 — 8:24 PM

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