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Camping in the Redwoods

Traveling and Camping in the Redwoods we came across what may very well be the very first motorhome.


Camping in the California Redwoods.


Scenic route through the Redwoods.

Redwoods visitor center.






IMG_0740 IMG_0755 IMG_0760

Updated: November 3, 2013 — 9:37 PM


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  1. Bed is same size as a double I believe. We have only slept in ours once since bringing it home just as winter set it. One comment for sure is wife is 5’6″ and I am 5’9″ tall and if I were much taller this bed would be too short IMO!! Also wife and I are not big people, I’m 165 lb and she is ~125 so double is fine…we slept on a double first 20 yrs of marriage lol. BTW we prefer sleeping with heads on the window end, tucked into the low end doesn’t appeal. Does make getting in and out of bed a bit more awkward…fortunately we are still spry enough!! 🙂

  2. TeeHee.
    I don’t think you would find North/South to be necessary.

  3. Thanks for your prompt reply. I’m glad to hear you find the space to be adequate.

    Something I remembered from tenting decades ago is that when the bed area is a bit small, two people using sleeping bags can arrange themselves head to foot, or in other words one is north-south and the other is south-north. (And then each party promises not to dream at night about playing in the World Cup.)

  4. Hi Chuck.
    You have 52 inches and since you don’t have to worry about falling off the side it seems like more.
    We found it ample. We don’t use a heavy duvet or anything. Actually we found just blankets to be adequate. We usually us 2 in layers.

    During the day we roll up the extra foam padding, sheets and all, and store it behind the seat-back.

    Our sleeping direction is heads forward. Facilitates getting up at night. While occasionally I think sleeping across would be nicer, I quickly come right back to not wanting anything wider. I like being able to see behind me without having to use extended mirrors.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Hi, I’ve been interested in a Suite for some time now, and in fact have been following your site almost as long. I have a question regarding the bed. I noticed that you added foam. But while additions and modifications are one thing, the actual dimensions of the bed area are another. Can two adults deal with that who are used to a queen-size bed at home, resorting if necessary to the trusty north-south arrangement? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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