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Some tweaks to the living space of our Ascape.

Trailer still a bit messy as it’s still a work-in-progress. We decided to go twin beds. Getting on in years and this makes getting up during the night a lot easier. We also added the foam mattress we had in the ProLite to give a bit extra comfort. We extended the “bed” by 4 inches to give us an acceptable single bed.

We also changed the TV to a 19 inch TV/DVD as we found the original not easy to watch “in bed” and we wanted a DVD. The 19 inch is 12 volt so one less item depending on hydro.

I changed from the SoundBar to a 12 volt amp and 2 x 2 inch speakers. Now no longer hydro dependent for the entertainment. 

A clear plastic remote holder from Amazon serves to hold the remote and is also the charging station for iPhone X and Apple Watch.

Also from Amazon are Lift-Up supports to hold the front cupboard doors open. For the other doors I found a support at the local RV store.


To go with the twin-bed configuration I built a cover over the table mount to serve as a comfortable step. 

I don’t expect we’ll use the table much but we do carry it along for those “rainy” days.

Ahead of the “step” we store our drinking water. We don’t use tap water for coffee but it sure is handy for washing dishes, etc. 

Some other modifications added 12 volt outlets near the beds and also outside. I tapped into one of the 12 volt circuits, added a switch and a low voltage cut-out. This allows me to turn all “user” additions off by a simple flick of the switch.

A 300 watt sine-wave inverter was installed to mimic hydro for the TV/SoundBar but since hydro is no longer needed fo that I’m considering changing the inverter to 2000 watts which would allow me to run the AC.  Might have to add another battery then, but that’s just future thinking.


Updated: July 17, 2018 — 11:10 PM

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