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Trailer went to a Scale and Tire Pressure tweaked as a result.

The Ascape had, what I thought, excessive bounce.
Based on what I learned over at the TNTTT forum I had the wheels balanced and used tire manufacturers load chart to lower my tire PSI to 35 lbs.

I also weighed the Ascape. Total weight came in at 2006 lbs. and hitch weight came to 333 lbs.

Hitch weight turned out higher than expected, but fridge was empty.

I weighed with full fresh water and empty grey water as that’s how I expect to travel. We avoid commercial campsites as much as possible so we plan to be self contained.

Planning to weigh hitch again when loaded for a real trip.
I have some options if hitch weight needs to be reduced:
1) Carry spare in tow vehicle – lowers hitch weight to 312 lbs.
2) Move the 2 gallons of drinking water we carry to rear door – 308 lbs.
3) Go with single propane tank – 280 lbs.

Leaves a bit of wiggle room in case just loading it up to normal doesn’t get it to the 15% I’d like to see.

I used a test with a clear container, filled with contrasting coloured liquid set by the door.
Setup a camera and to record the ride.
The difference before and after getting the wheels balance was quite startling.

Here is a 30 second clip that shows before and after wheel balancing.

Updated: July 20, 2018 — 4:30 PM

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