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Trim Strip Repaired


Finally got around to replacing the trim. ProLite sent it in a very timely fashion but since I had no travel plans there was no hurry. Installed with a bit of clear Silicone so hopefully can survive the desert heat now.

Updated: January 12, 2014 — 5:54 PM


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  1. Heinz, just want to say my Suite sat outside in my back yard through the coldest and snowiest winter in 30 yrs in Muskoka…no harm done.
    Still smells new inside too, so am opening windows to ventilate.
    I didn’t do anything special except remove the battery and store it inside. Well, I did spray the frame and metal bits with Krown Rustproofing. I just kept sweeping the snow off all winter long, not a big deal.

    1. That’s one of the nice things about the Suite. Easy to take care of, in part just due to its size and shape.
      When it gets warmer, take some clear silicone and dab it under the trim in a few places and you’ll avoid having to fix later in case it stretches in summer heat.

  2. I noticed there is putty coloured goop up on the roof on both edges. I see that same thing in some of your pics too, so assume they came from factory that way?? Was wondering if that was factory or if previous owner applied this…doesn’t look very neat!! No leaks though! 🙂

    1. Yeah, that’s “factory”.
      Probably a bit overkill for Vent and Awning but as long as it doesn’t leak it’s ok.
      I did have a leak where the solar came in. Had to add some putty there. Little bit of fun finding it but fix was easy.
      It was a little disappointing that they didn’t do that a bit better as they knew I was getting solar.

      Overall still happy though 🙂

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