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First trip in 2014.

Got to test out the mods made last fall. Some good, some not so good.

Not so good: The drawer I built turned out too cumbersome in actual use so will be removed before next trip.

The good 1: Fridge setup was great. Will be looking to improve it some where fridge gets fed 12V from trailer anytime trailer is hitched up and tow vehicle not running.

The good 2: Solar setup is looking good. Our norm was Engel fridge and TV/DVD running all night with occasional vent fan use and lowest voltage observed was 12.4 in the morning before solar started to be effective again.

While the “basement” was still relatively empty I took this pic to show how I store the awning pieces. We made a better fitting bag out of some towel-like cloth and it lives at the front of the trailer and serves as a shelf for a few things. Makes for easy access for things like single burner camp stove , etc.









The original bag was a bit small so we make one from towel-like material and added a pocket at the top for the smallish pieces.




These large clips are used to assemble the awning bar halves instead of the original bolt and nut scheme.

(Showing the original nut/bolt as reference only)







Updated: August 1, 2014 — 3:29 PM


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  1. Good day Heinz!
    Where do you carry the end bar for your awning…surly you don’t bolt the 2 halves together every time? I was considering inside, on the roof rack of my TV, not real crazy about those options but I’m now thinking I will bungie cord it across the top of the back bumper of the Suite! Sits there pretty nice and only sticks out past the wheels maybe a couple of inches.
    What do you do?

  2. Hi Bert.

    I don’t use the awning very often. Usually only if in one place more than one day/night.
    I separate them but got some clips to make it easier.
    Not much of a hassle and means less stuff hanging outside.

    1. Heinz, I find I’m liking the awning a lot! maybe because we are having a wet summer here…lol! I carry the end bar on car’s roof rack, but would love to see pics of brackets you made for quick asssembly of the bar halves…if that is possible.

      1. Added pics to the post. Basically just big safety pins that I sourced at Home Depot or CanTire.

  3. Agreed, I don’t intend to use it much either but nice to have in some circumstances. Maybe I will look into a lightweight nylon canopy as alternative at some point. Reconsidering the bumper mount, I think I will just carry it on the roof rack of the car, our bikes are usually up there anyway. Hoping to slip away to Bay of Fundy area next week for ~10 days πŸ™‚

  4. I have a Suite as well, and the awning bar is a big issue. For the few times you use it, it is a pain. Especially when you try and set it up quickly when the skies open. We carry on the roof of our car as well.

  5. No rack on my roof πŸ™‚
    My “bag” lays in the storage bay against the front curve. It then provides a nice “stop” to lay/store frying pan, extension cords, etc.
    Works well, for me.

    I’ve removed my big/fancy drawer so am re-thinking the storage area a bit more.
    Going to make the remaining center support disappear, hopefully.

  6. You lucky dog re Bay of Fundy.
    Hoping to do another trip East next year. Last time it was in a GMC motorhome. I think it’ll be more fun with the Suite as it’ll be easier to go sightseeing.

  7. Bay of fundy will be great. We are doing florida in october. Across canada next summer. Hopefully we can survive in such a small space

  8. Florida is great too. Hope you get down to the Keys. We spent a week in a state park in the Keys, 10 feet from the water. It was great. Watch out for hurricane season. We had to alter some plans due to hurricane later in October some years ago.

    Small space can be quite fun. We did ok this last week as well as our 2 weeks last year. We carry 2 folding chairs for outside comfort. Bed stays made up as bed. We now plan on using 3 cardboard filing boxes under the “bed” inside for storage we want access to at bedtime, etc. Will work out much better than my “drawer” πŸ™‚

    We have one plastic storage container that we use for pots & pans, stored under the bed. Another container is used as kitchen cupboard and it lives in the Santa Fe. When we stop to eat, etc. those 2 get moved to the picnic table, add camp stove and we’re good to go.

  9. First time I tried to put it up took an hr and was a shit-show lol, I had no instructions. I got the instruction pdf file from Dometic (can google it too) realized the horizontal poles at each edge lock at whtaever length required by twisting and second time was under 10 minutes and quite stable..I think I will like it fine. Yes, going to carry the bar on the roof rack along with our bikes.

  10. Hi Heinz…just back from Bay of Fundy. What an awesome trip, we love the Suite! πŸ™‚
    pics here…

  11. Wow, great pics. Thanks for sharing. What’s your camera gear?

    I’m hoping that next year it’s East or North for us and our Suite. Hopefully more than just wishful thinking.

  12. I’m using Sony NEX-5. Its a mirrrorless SLR so provides DSLR quality in a compact package, which is perfect for me since I do most of my photography while mtbiking, paddling, skiing etc …smaller is better!

  13. Photos look great, 7 more weeks for us, (just got home from a week in the Suite in Kamloops) Cant wait to explore the rest of Canada.

  14. Tyler, got any pics of your Suite camping in Kamloops?

  15. No, sorry. Did not think to take any pics. will post a few after Oct. Have either of you seen another Suite? passed on the highway?

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