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One Last Trip before Winter sets in.

Did a 10 day loop into Alberta.


Did some family visiting in Edmonton and then took the long way home via Dinosaur Provincial Park and the Crowsnet Pass.

Encountered some near freezing temperatures in Edmonton but stayed very comfortable by simply plugging our 200 watt electric heater in for an hour or so before retiring for the night.

While I could run the heater self-contained, I did make use of hydro power as it was readily available,

After family business was done we played tourist. Toured Elk Island Park, home of many Beavers and Bisons.



As beavers are not often seen during the day, had to make do with a mounted one.






After leaving the Park we ran across a huge Pick ‘a Part lot out in the Country.









DSCN0297  IMG_1565

On the way to the Dinosaurs we stopped for lunch in coal country.

Biggest shovel built was used to feed the power plants.

The shovels have been replaced by drag-lines.









DInosaur Provincial Park near Brooks, Alberta.

DSCN0318 DSCN0304 IMG_1625 IMG_1603 DSCN0324 DSCN0330 DSCN0329


















Weather was excellent. Mosquitoes were nasty. Living on the Coast I had forgotten how nasty those little critters can be. Still itchy. So as not to have blood inside the car we used what I call an OFF smoke bomb for a few minutes.

If you look carefully in the last image you’ll see a few inside and out and even a couple flying in formation.

Lots of Wind Power around the Pincher Creek area.










Last overnight was in a Rest Area under a Full Moon.

Last Lunch was at a viewpoint overlooking Osoyoos.









Stopped in Keremeous for some fruit.

IMG_1635 IMG_1637





All around, a good trip.



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  1. Pincher Creek area was quite tame when we went through. Had a real good trip back and aside from encountering the deer family it was uneventful… just nice.
    The heater is a “My Heat Personal Heater by LASKO” from I have it in red. I used it about 3 hours a day while in Edmonton. Once we were on the road again it had warmed up enough so that we didn’t need it.

  2. Great pics, thanks for sharing. You didn’t get blown away in Pincher Creek? What brand 200 watt heater do you have? most reviews online say the smaller ones are garbage, but sounds like yours works well.

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