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Adding more Solar Power

My Ascape came with a 40 watt panel and associated controller. I’ve already upgraded battery to 2 x 100 AH Lithiums, located inside. Next on the list was to increase solar power to feed the batteries. The panels I decided to add are from Global Solar. I ordered from the parts department at Safari Condo. They […]

Possibly last outing for 2018

Spent a few days on Vancouver Island.    Prior to leaving I added a second battery and a charger that is better suited for lithium batteries. The left under bed area contains batteries, lithium charger, inverter and solar controller.         Coombs General Store in Coombs, BC is a bit of a tourist […]

First Phase of AC to Fan swap

First challenge was to get the AC unit removed. Removal of trim etc. was pretty easy.  Actually removing required some extra thinking as muscling things is pretty limited these days. A sturdy metal shelf was called on to give us a platform even with top of trailer. Using towels, boards, etc. the AC unit was […]

Some more weight observations.

I took the battery off the A-frame. Hitch weight went down to 242, about a 55 lb gain. The 242 was with 2 empty 5 lb propane bottles in place. I added 33 lbs to the battery box, which would be the equivalent of a 100 AH Lithium battery. Hitch weight went to 275 lbs. […]

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