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Personalizing My ProLite Suite

First trip in 2014.

Got to test out the mods made last fall. Some good, some not so good. Not so good: The drawer I built turned out too cumbersome in actual use so will be removed before next trip. The good 1: Fridge setup was great. Will be looking to improve it some where fridge gets fed 12V […]

Solar finished

I think I have all available roof space covered now. Hopefully it’ll be enough so that I don’t have to add a portable panel. I don’t like the risk of a portable going on a walk-about.               I found some white tape. It’s purpose is strictly ascetics as all […]

28 Watts of Solar added

I wanted to maximize solar without a portable panel so I filled the roof to the max. Still a work-in-progress with reference to tying the wiring in but everything fits and the 2 additional panels are in place. Gives me a possible 70 watts under ideal conditions. Hope to average 50% in actual usage.   […]

Lid closed on new Battery setup

Mounted the 3 inch remote MPPT meter today and while not completely finished with all my wiring I was able to close the lid and put cushions back in their place. The digital volt display is connected directly to the Battery. The backlit meter is connected to the MPPT solar controller and provides information about […]

Changed batteries to 2 x 6 Volt

In an effort to gain a little more off-grid time I’ve changed to 2 x 6 Volt batteries to get the available AmpHours up. I’ve also changed Solar Controllers to an MPPT type. May not actually make much difference but it has a display with information as to Solar and Battery where I might be […]

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