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One Last Trip before Winter sets in.

Did a 10 day loop into Alberta. Did some family visiting in Edmonton and then took the long way home via Dinosaur Provincial Park and the Crowsnet Pass. Encountered some near freezing temperatures in Edmonton but stayed very comfortable by simply plugging our 200 watt electric heater in for an hour or so before retiring […]

Some useful Accessories

To help me be accessible while travelling and to let family know our whereabouts I use the DeLorme InReach SE. Using the SE is more reliable than cellular because it doesn’t need cell towers, only a view of the sky. I think I found the right location during travel by installing a holder where the SE […]

Drawer Gone… Storage area modified.

Removed the slide-out drawer to go back to the conventional space. Also removed the remaining center post in the storage area and replaced it with 1″ square aluminum beam, fastened through the top. Should make for much easier access to storage containers. Might consider a 2-way slide out, but probably not.

First trip in 2014.

Got to test out the mods made last fall. Some good, some not so good. Not so good: The drawer I built turned out too cumbersome in actual use so will be removed before next trip. The good 1: Fridge setup was great. Will be looking to improve it some where fridge gets fed 12V […]

Pseudo Camp-out – Success

Moved the Suite to the backyard to see how power management changes are working out. Have Engel fridge running on AC via converter. Fridge is loaded with a 12-pack. Using the fridge on AC to get the environment closer to real. Fingers crossed that I’ll work as hoped.               […]

Solar finished

I think I have all available roof space covered now. Hopefully it’ll be enough so that I don’t have to add a portable panel. I don’t like the risk of a portable going on a walk-about.               I found some white tape. It’s purpose is strictly ascetics as all […]

28 Watts of Solar added

I wanted to maximize solar without a portable panel so I filled the roof to the max. Still a work-in-progress with reference to tying the wiring in but everything fits and the 2 additional panels are in place. Gives me a possible 70 watts under ideal conditions. Hope to average 50% in actual usage.   […]

Added Xantrex Inverter Power

In preparation for the addition of permanent AC power and also to gain a bit more room to store the Porta-Potty I replaced the door that is used to gain access to under the sink with a piece of panelling held in place by magnetic latches. This allowed for a flat space, without a door […]

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